About Us

We Are...

..Manufacturers and Installers of Artificial Plant Walls, Trees, and Plants in Oxfordshire, with over 30 Years Experience in the industry.  We work closely with our clients: so we understand the required look and feel of the location, deliver and install the products in time and on time at the agreed price whilst building relationships.

We take pride in our ability to meet tight deadlines and to produce high-quality bespoke products – no two jobs are ever the same.

Our inspiration and creativity come from enthusiasm and generous amounts of coffee or tea accompanied by homemade Cake and Biscuits!

What We Do...

..Where do we begin!  Everything we do is bespoke, we offer a wide range of products that we manufacture to order from Artificial Trees at 3ft tall in a pot to a 26ft Artificial Tree dropped into a pit to Artificial Hedges, Artificial Plant Walls to Eclectic Mixes of Artificial Hanging Plants.  We pride ourselves in being able to say that it is not very often we can't manufacture something. We also provide an installation service too!

Who Do We Do It For?

Designers, Architects - both interior and exterior, Visual Merchandisers, Facilities Management Companies, Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs, Shopping Centres, Supermarkets, Businesses, Councils.....basically we supply into Trade.  Supplying the UK and Overseas.

Who's Who?

Sarah Leather - Business Owner/MD/Designer...Black Coffee Drinker, Started the business back in 1988, known then as Green Interiors. Proud of where we have come from and where we are going as a business.   

Catherine Bell - Head of Sales...Tea Drinker and Pistachio Eater, Always happy to help, Loves going out in her Kayak! Contact: Catherine@brightgreen.co.uk

Emily Stevenson - Sales Advisor...Always happy to help, very easy to talk to and listens to what you require and does her upmost to meet your requirements.

Flora Rutherford - Sales Advisor.....Very Weak Tea Drinker, Always happy to help, Loves her gardening and walking her dogs Barley, Teasal and Dudley.  

Anna Field - Sales Advisor...Black Coffee Drinker and Sweetie Eater! Committed and helpful.

Sean Coghlan - Head of Operations...Strong Coffee Drinker and Jam Tart Eater. Keeps the installations happening!  Loves his Sports - Rugby, Cricket and Golf Player

Mandy Haynes - Operations Assistant.....Black Tea or Coffee drinker.  Does her best to keep Sean sane, ball juggler and problem solver!

Megan Bowdler - Artificial Plant Wall Designer and Sales Administrator...Keeps the Plant Wall Manufacturers on their toes with the Custom designs and things running smoothly between each dept!

Sarah Walters - Head of Manufacturing...Tea Drinker. Keeps the production of the High-Quality Artificial Trees, Hedges and Displays going out the door, with a laugh and giggle along the way!

Andi Johnson - Head of Wall Production...Coffee drinker.  Works closely with Megan to ensure that we manufacture all of the Artificial Living Walls and Moss Art to the agreed specification within the deadlines given. 

Barbara - Sarah's mum, The Culprit for the Baking of all the Cakes, Biscuits and Jam Tarts!

Sebastian - aka SEB!...Company dog (Sarah's), all-round company nutter.....there is always one!