Live Interior Plants

Office Plants have huge benefits for businesses, Live Plants create a natural humidity matching the human comfort range and they help create a welcoming environment for Staff and Clients.  Having Live Office Plants in the workplace can:

  • Improve Air Quality
  • Improve Health
  • Reduce Noise
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Productivity
  • Create a Welcoming Location

We have an experienced team that offers a wealth of knowledge in Live and Artificial Office Plants, we offer the best options for the environment as Live Plants may not suit every location.  Each Plant Display will be provided in decorative planters to complement your decor, some planters are available in any RAL colour.  The Plants can either be Floor Standing or Office Desk Plants.

We offer Live or Artificial Plant Rental Schemes, Purchase Only or Maintenance Only options, request a quote.

  • Free Design, No Obligation Quote, 3D Design Visualisation Service, fantastic live plants, decorative planters, Rental Schemes, Purchase Only or Maintenance Only options.

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Improving Air Quality and Health

Live Plants naturally absorb Carbon Dioxide and manufacture Oxygen, they also clean the air that we breathe as they also remove air bourne toxins. Research has shown that Large foliage surfaces produce the most oxygen which help to eradicate toxic substances in the air and live plants inside can remove up to 87% of these air toxins in 24 hrs!

Carbon Dioxide in offices can build up making employees feel drowsy, fatigued, and cold-related illnesses can spread easily which leads to being less productive. So having live plants in offices really can help staff breathe fresher air in the workplace which in turn can aid creative thinking!

Reducing Noise

Open plan offices are more common than not now, but they can be noisy environments making it hard for staff to concentrate.  Office plants can help absorb noise so that employees can concentrate on their tasks in hand.

Reducing Stress

Studies have been conducted by Professor Margaret Burchett at the University of Sydney. They recorded large stress reductions in staff where there was live plants in their place of work. Where there is less stress in the workplace the studies have proved that there is less staff taking sick leave.

Increased Productivity

Universities have carried out studies in workplaces where Live Office Plants were and were not in situ and they found that those that could see the Plants from their desks were 12% more productive and less stressed. Potted plants are particularly beneficial for offices where workers do not have a window, according to a report from Washington State University.

A Welcoming Environment

Office Plants soften the surroundings within the Office Building, they add warmth, texture and bring the outside in.