Trough Fibreglass


Trough Planters are great for Interior or Exterior locations as they can be used to hide unsightly areas when combined with tall planting or they can be used as an attractive barrier to guide people to the right location.  Each one is made to order, which means they can also be finished in any RAL colour in matt or gloss or they can be supplied in the following finishes: Lead, Antique Lead, Portland Stone, Sandstone, Verdigris, Terracotta or Rust.

Sizes L x W x H:

  • 100x30x30cm
  • 120x30x40cm
  • 140x30x70cm
  • 90x30x90cm
  • 100x30x90cm
  • 100x30x70cm
  • 100x20x30cm
  • 150x30x30cm
  • 150x40x40cm
  • 100x40x40cm
  • 120x50x50cm
  • 150x50x50cm