This Cement Planter is a lovely shape, the top diameter is the widest point and gradually tapers inwards towards the base.  The shape is enhanced by the earthy rustic appearance which is created at the point of manufacture.

The Abi is crafted by hand, layer by layer on a wheel making each one unique in its appearance.

The materials used to create these decorative planters is not just cement, they include a range of recycled materials such as Micro Silica and Fly Ash which replace up to 15% of the cement content.  These recycled materials are bi-products from Steel and Power Industries.  These materials decrease permeability, reduce the water usage and increases the strength and improves the sulphate resistance.  Recycled Bottles in the form of glass sand are also included in the manufacture.  The additional benefit of these recycled materials is that the final product is very durable because of the strength of the mix.  As a degree of the material is cement these planters are not dried in ovens or furnaces, they dry naturally by hydration.

Additional Information

  • Manufacture Leadtime: variable, it can be from 3-8 weeks (rolling production)
  • For Interior and Exterior use


  • Tiny 48cm Top, 41cm High, 24cm Base
  • Extra-Small  61cm Top, 49cm High, 27cm Base
  • Small  85cm Top, 62cm High, 45cm Base
  • Medium  110cm Top, 87cm High, 56cm Base
  • Large  135cm Top, 112cm High, 81cm Base

After Care Details Below

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After Care:

  • Remove all packaging on receipt of delivery. The pot could become stained if the packaging is left on and then the pot is sitting in the rain.
  • We suggest using the rubber feet provided to place underneath it. This will raise the pot marginally off the floor to aid drainage from the pot and reduce the risk of staining around the base.
  • Keep the drainage hole in the base of the pot free from blockage.
  • Do not use any cleaning products, it may damage the finish.
  • Clean with a sponge and water.