Moss Walls and Pictures

Moss Walls and Pictures are a natural alternative to wall decor, they add colour and texture to any interior space.  

The three types of preserved moss we use are Pole or Bun Moss, Flat Moss or Reindeer moss. They are all sustainably grown and preserved using natural glycerine and food dyes. Bun and flat moss are green, whereas Reindeer moss is available in a range of colours, so please ask for details. 

As we manufacture everything to order, any shape or size is possible.  In general, we manufacture on 1-metre square MDF panels which are pre-cut to create the overall size and shape required. 

Preserved moss can fade if in direct sunlight and it should not be placed in areas of high humidity. It is also a very tactile product, so it’s a good idea to keep it out of touching distance in high traffic areas. That said, we provide a maintenance service to clean or repair any damage.

Our panels or walls can all be fire rated if required, we also offer painted softwood frames to fit around the panels if required.

Our Moss Walls are suitable for Exporting Overseas.

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Interior Use Only