Moss Walls and Pictures


Including Moss Walls or Pictures within your workspace brings natural greenery in, they create a remarkable visual impact on walls and can transform an interior space easily, with the added benefit of having acoustic properties. 

We manufacture all of our Moss Walls, Panels and Pictures to order, this allows us to create any shape or size you require.  We are also able to offer custom made softwood framing for the panels and fire rating if required.

Our Moss Walls are 100% Natural and sustainable, the Bun and Flat Moss are harvested by hand in Northern Europe Forests.  Machines are not used in this process, so that there is no damage to the forests.  The moss is also harvested in such a way that it allows regeneration at its own pace.

The Moss is stabilized which differs from traditional preserving where the solution is taken up by the plant through osmosis.  The stabilization technique consists of spraying the preservative solution (which includes dye) in order to rehydrate the surface so that the soft surface texture remains.

Preservation is a totally ecological process using a 100% biodegradable preservative product (vegetable glycerine, water, and food colouring).

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Additional Information 

  • Interior use only
  • Low Maintenance, clean with a feather duster!
  • Moss Panels have acoustic properties
  • Moss can be Fire Retardant treated
  • Custom Made to Order, any Size or Shape possible
  • Our Moss is Legally Harvested
  • No watering required
  • Avoid long sunlight exposure, the product is not UV resistant
  • Do not put it too close radiators or other heat sources
  • Ideal humidity is below 70%
  • Moss Colour: Green (Bun and Flat Moss)
  • Suitable for Exporting Overseas