Moss Art


Moss Art is one of our many specialities, we create unique Art using an assortment of Preserved Moss intermingled with seed heads, preserved or artificial foliages or decorative stems to name a few.  We create unique tactile Pictures or even complete walls with this method.

Preserved Moss Art is made using a moss that has been grown, harvested by hand and preserved using a combination of natural ingredients that are sprayed on to the surface to rehydrate it.  Preserved products do not need any light or water as it is no longer a living item and can not wilt or die.

Preservation is totally ecological process using a 100% biodegradable preservative product (vegetable glycerine, water and food colouring).

Preserved Moss can only be used for interior use and should be kept away from direct sunlight as it is not UV stable. 

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Additional Information 

  • Interior use only, No Watering Required!
  • Moss is Fragile (we can repair)
  • Avoid long sunlight exposure, the product is not UV resistant
  • If fading does occur, we can re-spray
  • Do not put it too close radiators or other heat sources
  • Ideal humidity is below 70%
  • Moss is legally harvested
  • Moss can be Fire Retardant treated
  • Moss Colour: Green (Bun and Flat Moss), Reindeer Moss is available in various colours
  • Everything preserved contains dye
  • Custom made to order 
  • Suitable for Exporting Overseas