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Boost profits with outdoor planting


Now that the sun has decided to make an appearance business will undoubtedly be turning their attention to their outdoor spaces. Incorporating planting into these areas can help to welcome visitors, giving curb appeal and creating that all important first impression. Planting can also define stylish outside seating areas for restaurants, pubs and hotels.  

 Temporary changes to planning in relation to marquees, first introduced last year to enable more flexible use of outdoor spaces during national restrictions, are being made permanent. Local businesses in England will no longer need planning permission to put up marquees on their land. This will give businesses a real boost enabling them to increase their trade following the pandemic and make better use of their outside spaces all year round. Potential customers are likely to have an even greater choice in outdoor venues and businesses will need to ensure their alfresco spaces stand out from the competition, creating unique destination venues that will entice guests. 

 Planting can transform a bland marquee into a striking venue both inside and out creating a truly memorable space for dining and events. Sadly, live plants won’t thrive in the dry and darker conditions within a marque. However, artificial foliage offers an incredibly low maintenance and highly realistic solution to greening up these spaces. Trailing foliage will fill the canopy with colour giving the feel of an outdoor dining experience even when guests are under the cover of canvas. These statement rooflines will also elevate the height of the structure making a big impact. Large artificial trees and troughs full of lush artificial plants can be added at floor level to bring the sense of the outside into the space helping to enclose and enhance the marquee. 

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Indeed, trough planters are the perfect way to create instantly attractive outdoor eating areas, sectioning off spaces into more intimate zones and creating a more enjoyable dining experience for customers. They can shield guests from passing traffic and help to create a feeling of privacy without spoiling the sensation of spaciousness. At Bright Green our experienced team can create bespoke troughs and planters filled with live or artificial planting and perfectly designed for your venue. We can even add logos to these displays to promote your brand. 

 Plants shouldn’t be an afterthought in your general design. They can become the principal focal point of your outdoor space. A marquee canopy heavy with trailing plants can create a romantic or out-of-this-world look. A statement tree can break visual expectations and make for breath taking ambience. An exterior green wall can add depth and texture without having to sacrifice valuable seating space. Our team can give you great advise on how best to give your outdoor space instant appeal with planting. 

 With our extensive experience we can design and install live planting schemes that are low maintenance but high impact. Or incredibly realistic artificial landscapes that require no attention and will continue to look lush and vibrant for years to come. We will always use UV protected artificial plants and flowers for our outside displays to avoid colour fade and ensure these planting schemes remain stunning even when subjected to constant sunlight. Let us help you to bring elements of nature into your outdoor space, to create a unique venue that will have an ever-lasting impression on guests and an atmosphere that brings repeat business. 

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