Green Artificial Roof


Artificial Green Roofs are a relatively new concept, in general, they are just Artificial Turf which is ideal if the area if to be used as an additional room with a balcony.  We provide Artificial Green Roofs that are for decoration purposes only, which means that they are ideal for hiding unsightly areas on the roof which can also be adapted so that access can be gained.  

As we design and manufacture everything to order we can provide a vast array of styles and designs from single species to mixes that can include some flowering plants.  We use high-quality UV Stable foliages that have been tested and certified to ISO 489-3 and ASTM G154-12a.  All of the UV Foliages are made ultraviolet inhibitors at the point of the manufacturing process, these then do not require any additional treatment of sprays or dips.

Not only do we manufacture but we also provide an installation service covering the UK, we also export overseas.