Living Wall - Interior


Environments look generally more relaxing and comforting when plants are present, this includes plants on a wall (living wall), plants in pots or interior landscaping. They create: interest and colour, benefits health to people in those areas such as lower blood pressure, reduction in stress levels, an increase in concentration which can be attributed to the plant's ability to reduce excess carbon dioxide in the air.

The most modern way to include plants in your workplace is to have a Living Wall. 

With plants present whether they are in planters or on a wall it creates a nicer place to be as we are generally in this environment for a number of hours most days, it is important to our health that we are comfortable.

Plants not only improve our working surroundings, but they also provide a more welcoming place for your clients.

Living Walls were inspired by designer Patrick Blanc who put them on building faces and shop interiors.  

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