Artificial Green Walls - Interior


Artificial Green Walls are ideal for poorly lit, difficult to access spaces rejuvenating them with vibrant realistic greenery.

Each one is unique in design as they are custom made for you.  This means we can manufacture any size or shape required.

We use only the best artificial foliages which look lifelike in interior locations. We design each panel individually, so you can choose between very naturalised plant walls with ferns and ivies or slightly more formal ones, with swathes of foliage sweeping through. We have also installed single species walls to great effect.  In general, we supply the panels with a raw edge so they can be framed (we can supply) or to sit within a recess.

Fire Retardancy - We can provide Fire Rated foliated panels.

Although the common terminology is for an Artificial Plant Wall,  we provide decorative panels.  They are not part of the wall, building structure or supporting walls.  This does affect the Flame Retardancy rating if required as they are different standards.

Additional Information

  • Our Artificial Plant Walls can be structured in design with clearly defined patterns, naturalised with swathes of lush foliage, or be mixed foliages with no clear patterning or defined plant species 
  • Artificial Foliage depth ranges from 70 - 250 mm 
  • Weight - 14 to 16 kilos per square metre (less for mesh panels) 
  • Any visible edges will require framing (unless on mesh). Our standard frame is a softwood frame that is available in a range of standard colours and finishes and any RAL colour for an additional charge 
  • Maintenance - Interior artificial plant walls can be dusted. We recommend a feather duster. Bright Green can provide a full maintenance service to include cleaning and redressing if required.

We also Install throughout the UK and Export regularly Overseas.

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