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Planting Trends 2023


If you’re looking for planting inspiration read on to discover the most popular artificial planting trends that Bright Green predict will be popular this year. 

Bold Foliage 

Big and bold foliage is in demand to achieve a tropical look and a bespoke ficus lyrata tree certainly delivers an exotic punch. Built by our talented tree building team on real ash stems with huge, glossy fiddle shaped artificial leaves these bespoke trees add instant tropical drama to a space. 

We are specialists in building large artificial palm trees up to 10 metres in height with canopies spanning 4 metres, using preserved palm leaves to give an incredibly natural look. These magnificent trees and their striking foliage will turn any space into an oasis and add a luxurious focal point to a tropical planting scheme. 

 Attention grabbing plants such as the artificial banana plant with its large paddle shaped leaves, bird of paradise with long and elegant stems and Heliconia with its unusual blossoms are bang on trend. These spectacular statement plants look incredibly realistic and will bring structural form and striking flower colours into your tropical landscape without the maintenance needs of their live counterparts.  

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Variations in tone 

Colourful foliage will brighten any dim corner and low light levels won’t be an issue for artificial planting. Plants that stand out for their colour, pattern, shape or texture will elevate a space and really make a landscape pop. Our team are incredibly skilled at selecting the right combination of tones of foliage to attract attention and guide the eye through the space. For the tropical look, different proportions of plants are interwoven into the landscape to create visual texture and an organic feel.  

 Easy to care for Plants 

Our bespoke artificial planting schemes pack the tropical punch without the added maintenance and time costs. Artificial planting can have the same visual impact in locations where live planting just won’t thrive, where access to light and water is limited. 

We often create mixed landscapes using live planting at ground level where there is sufficient sunlight for plants to flourish and easy access for maintenance and then artificial planting for high level displays and darker locations. At Bright Green we have the expertise to advise on the planting that is best suited for your space and project. The success of any planting scheme depends largely on choosing the right plant for the environmental conditions.  

Get in touch to find out how we can transport your space to more tropical climes.  

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