Eight Stony Street – A wine bar with wow factor

When the designer of Eight Stony Street, a new independent wine bar in Somerset, contacted us to create an impactful hanging display we certainly delivered a high-level first impression.

Located in a glorious Edwardian building in the picturesque market town of Frome this wine bar had massive exterior appeal. To ensure the inside was as enticing as the exterior the planting display needed to reflect Stony Street’s welcoming atmosphere, creating a contemporary space where customers could truly relax. Split across two floors with a coffee area, wine bar and restaurant and all-day dining room the planting scheme needed to have visual appeal from all areas of the building.

A hanging display is a fantastic way to bring the outside in, creating a relaxing landscape even when space is limited. A range of studies have even shown that green spaces can improve people’s moods, boost energy levels and most importantly increase customer spend. Read our blog on biophilic design to find out more about the benefits of planting in commercial spaces.

Our skilled team sourced and painted 15 garden riddles of various dimensions to realise the designer’s vision and create a truly stunning and unique hanging display. Featuring a mixture of ferns, hanging succulents and grasses to create a vibrant and inviting welcome. The varying sizes and levels of the garden riddles paired with trailing foliage ensure that the display has maximum impact throughout the wine bar. These space saving bespoke riddle hanging baskets really add the wow factor to Eight Stony Street.