All Bar One

Resized Exterior Planting High Level and Floor standing Leeds ABO

All Bar One is chain of stylish city centre bars that started up in 1994 with the objective of creating bars that were more ‘female friendly’. Bright Green are delighted to have been working in conjunction with leading hospitality designers to help green up many of their venues, including Brighton, Brindley Place, Cheltenham, Leeds and Bath to name but a few.

Where the exterior space permits, our UV stable faux planting has been used at high level, bar entrances and trough perimeters to enhance the kerb appeal and offer guests a naturalistic verdant welcome.

From the floral moss art and ceiling rafts in Cheltenham, to the feature light fittings dripping in trailing greenery in Leeds, and the foliage enhanced light wells in Bath and Brighton, each site has its own biophilic identity. Often encouraging the eye to be drawn upwards these statement planting displays create maximum impact at high level whilst retaining premium floor space for busy trading.


As everything we make is bespoke, we can tailor the planting schemes to the unique character and architectural quirks of each venue, thus being able to provide a cohesive look across the sites, whilst ensuring that each bar has its own identity. Be that planting onto modern frames against original stone walls or adding floral elements into cane furniture and lampshades at another.

There have been many studies compiled to illustrate how the presence of nature positively increases well-being whilst reducing anxiety and fatigue.  For more information, read our blog on biophilic design. With all this love for plants, customers to All Bar One are likely to be happier and more relaxed, potentially spending more time and money in these establishments. By investing in planting alongside crisp interior design All Bar One have created a thriving atmosphere for these bars, enabling them to grab attention from the competition and stand out from the street. We are certain more customers will return to these beautiful and verdant bars in the heart of city centres.