Beckworth Emporium – a destination garden centre 

Restaurant Entrance Beckworth Emporium Artificial Planting in Troughs

Bright Green were invited by KVB Design to create an artificial planting scheme for Beckworth Emporium’s new restaurant. This destination garden centre in Northamptonshire recently expanded its successful restaurant into two huge glasshouse structures of 650 square metres to accommodate over 400 customers.  

KVB Design’s concept was to split the vast space into zones to make customers feel comfortable and easy without compromising on function and aesthetics. The use of both banquette and booth seating throughout the space separated it into more intimate zones. Bright Green created eye-catching artificial displays of cordyline, fatsia and lyrata and chamaedorea foliage in long troughs to add a beautiful backdrop of texture and splashes of colour to the banquette seating area. This lush and seasonless planting scheme was continued in smaller troughs in the mid seating area to further break the space up whilst still tying the two zones together.   

Behind two further sections of banquette seating artificial mini willow was woven into the garden trellis design to soften the geometric lines and create movement whilst retaining the refined look. A striking sandblasted tree takes centre stage in the relaxed sofa area establishing a structured focal point for this more informal section. 

Large hanging baskets filled with artificial trailing scindapus, monstera monkey leaf and eucalyptus cascade from the corners of the two large metal work shelters giving diners evergreen seclusion. The matching metal canopy over the bar area is dressed with artificial scindapus, grey artemisa, asplenium, eucalyptus and fatsia trailing foliage to soften the structure and add interest at height. Artificial fern rings suspended over the tables in the restaurant ensure the greenery continues to flow throughout the space.   

This inviting planting scheme brings an “inside/ outside” feel to the restaurant in a similar style to orangeries and glasshouses of the past without the maintenance time and costs associated with real planting. The soothing green foliage provides seclusion for the tables and enhances the warm and cosy dining experience KVB Design have managed to achieve in this vast space which is bursting with personality.  

Photos courtesy of Tom Lee