Dakota Hotel – Year-round alfresco dining


Dakota Hotel Leeds artificial olive tree and landscape

Dakota’s newest nine-floor luxury hotel in the heart of Manchester has sophistication at its core. Designed by KPP architects, Bright Green were enlisted to create a luxurious artificial planting scheme for the canal side terrace, to construct a green haven away from the surrounding busy city. 

With a fully retractable roof this unique terrace could adapt to whatever the Manchester weather might bring. The foliage needed to be both naturalistic and robust enough to cope with all the elements. Embracing this challenge, the team at Bright Green covered one side of the terrace with a bespoke green wall and fixed artificial vines and bushes were woven into the wooden trellis on the opposite side to create an intimate atmosphere, drawing the outside into the space. A beautiful hand-built olive tree made with a real Italian rugged olive trunk, set into a statement terracotta planter, became the focal point for the planting scheme.  

Developing the initial concept further Bright Green suspended giant hanging baskets filled with fire rated foliage and hanging vines to add an extra overhead dimension to the design. At almost 2.5 metres in diameter these spectacular baskets cleverly masked the wrought iron beams of the retractable roof. For a finishing touch an eclectic selection of pots planted with preserved green moss were added to the tables.  

Whilst high in dramatic impact this vibrant space remains low maintenance. Guests can certainly enjoy the feeling of alfresco dining all year round in this all-seasons landscape. It’s an enchanting retreat to shelter from the stress of city life.