Gaspé House Office Development in Jersey

Jersey Office Smilax Artificial Tree

At Bright Green we rise to a challenge and when Bluesky Office contacted us to build and transport a 6-metre artificial tree with a 2.5m canopy to Gaspé House, a major office development in Jersey managed by D2 Real Estate, which had limited access for installation our fabulous team went above and beyond.  

Looking at the images of the entrance door to Gaspé House we felt like Alice in Wonderland peering through the tiny door into the beautiful garden beyond. Without the help of a shrinking potion our talented team had to come up with a creative solution to manoeuvre this 6-metre feature tree into the reception area. With their expertise, the team built the tree out of multiple ash stems that were light and flexible enough to be carried into the reception area individually but once assembled collectively would have maximum visual impact. 

 Even the planter for the artificial tree had to be sourced with exact dimensions that would just fit through the door whilst being large enough to hold the ash stems firmly in place. In similar style to flat pack assembly the tree building team marked each of the stems to their corresponding position within the planter structure so that the tree could be assembled on site to create the impressive, graduated smilax canopy. 

 We hope you will agree that the end result is just stunning, giving all visitors to this office a verdant welcome and adding a green focal point to the heart of the building, which can be seen from all floors of the office.