Jigsaw – A positive shopping experience

Artificial Plants in Jigsaw

Luxury clothing brand Jigsaw wanted to introduce a large splash of greenery into their store to energise the shopping experience for their customers. They tasked Bright Green to create a bespoke solution that would inject colour and calm into their compact space.

To transport the natural world into the store we built custom-made troughs that fitted onto an existing balustrade, making maximum impact whilst taking up minimum valuable retail space. Our talented creative team designed a planting scheme that incorporated a mixture of artificial trailing foliage with contrasting colours to create an ultra-naturalistic look.

Introducing planting into a retail space not only increases the visual appeal, drawing customers in, but can also improve their shopping experience and ultimately boost sales. A study from the Vienna University of Economics and business into customer behaviour discovered that adding plants increased the number of customers coming into a store by 25%. This derives from our biophilic instinct, which is basically the human innate need for affiliation with nature. Humans are genetically predisposed to be attracted to nature. Read our blog on biophilic design for more insight into the benefits on integrating plants into your design schemes.

Incorporating natural materials such as plants into modern built environments also makes people feel happier and healthier. We can all relate to shopping fatigue and the feeling of sensory overload in a busy retail environment. Being close to natural elements can help customers to feel calmer and sooth the stress they are experiencing making them more likely to stay in a store and spend. In fact, research has proven that customers rate the quality of goods up to 30% higher if there are plants and greenery in the shop and as their perception of quality increases so does the amount they are prepared to spend, increasing by up to 12% for products in shops that have plants in.

Being close to nature can have this positive effect regardless of whether the plants are living or artificial. Real plants can be expensive to maintain whereas artificial planting schemes deliver the natural look without the cost and time commitments of live planting landscapes. With our 30 plus years of experience, we have helped many retail partners to revitalise their brands with artificial planting. Our skilled team can advise on the best bespoke solution to suit your space from small accents to complete planting schemes to improve both your customer experience and ultimately sales.