Joules – A festive welcome

Joules artificial exterior festive troughs

A large part of a retailer’s annual sales and profits occur in the three months before Christmas and Joules wanted to ensure they stood out from the competition with a festive planting scheme that gave them real kerb appeal. They approached Bright Green to work with their flagship stores in Edinburgh, Holt and Market Harborough to create statement seasonal archways and troughs that would welcome shoppers into their stores.

Each shop front presented unique challenges with different door widths, slanting pavements and even grade 2 listed status, meaning that the archways couldn’t be attached to the buildings directly. But this didn’t faze our experienced team and with their flexible approach they were able to create bespoke troughs and freestanding archways featuring artificial trailing eucalyptus, pinecones, smilax sprays with red berries and grapevine to give the ultimate festive feel whilst being stable enough to ensure they didn’t become shopping hazards. Joules wanted to install the archways themselves and so they were constructed in sections that simply slotted together on site to create the final impactful display.

Being artificial Joules could be confident these stunning displays would continue to look fabulous over the gloomy winter months when live plants would struggle to thrive. These scene stealing displays looked just like the real thing without the added time and maintenance costs that a live planting scheme would require.

Planting displays really do draw shoppers in, research into customer behaviour has shown that adding plants increased the number of customers coming into stores by 25%. Human beings have a biophilic instinct and are attracted to nature. By installing these Christmas planting schemes Joules were able to boost both footfall and sales at a peak time of year. Read our blog on biophilic design to discover more about the benefits of incorporating plants into commercial spaces.

We have extensive experience working with our retail and hospitality partners to create truly welcoming spaces that will attract customers and translate into increased revenue. Our team can guide you through the whole process from design to installation providing the perfect bespoke planting solution for your space.