Joules – Greening up

When premium British lifestyle brand Joules approached Bright Green to create planting displays for their stores, we were delighted. Working collaboratively with the Joules team, we created a palette of plants and planters to compliment the brand’s distinctive colours and ethics. No two stores have the same displays, and where possible we tried to incorporate the locality of the store in the design, for example coastal elements.

Planting has been added into many locations now, including the new Joules stores within Center Parcs, where the location and the brand are ideally matched.

In some of the larger stores a high-level planting display of ferns and ivies on a suspended gate adds some feature impact, whilst preserving valuable floor space.

As Joules’ collections are designed in the outdoors for the outdoors, naturally they were keen to make greenery a key focus of the design in their new Norwich store. Incorporating planting into a retail space can improve the shopping experience for customers, making shoppers feel more relaxed and at ease. Research has shown that customers spend 12% more in shops that have planting. Read our blog on biophilic design for more stats. Understanding the hidden benefits of plants, and with many of its products and prints inspired by British flora and fauna, Joules wanted to ensure that planting was a key focus of this new store’s identity.

Our team built stunning moss wall sections to add vibrant, wild accents of colour to the flint walls – a design feature that links back to local materials and architecture. Statement floor standing displays of native artificial grasses and ferns look incredibly realistic whilst requiring zero maintenance. The mixture of planted shelf pots throughout the store also adds highlights of colour.

Bespoke window box displays full of lush artificial grasses and ferns were fixed to the balustrade railing on the first floor. This display not only enhances the interior feel, but also draws customers in from the street by offering a natural welcome.

Joules have used the power of plants to create a positive shopping experience for their customers and we look forward to greening up more of their stores in the future.