MAPP’s Head Office Landscape

Artificial Office Planting Mapp

Estilo Interiors approached Bright Green to create and install biophilic landscapes for MAPP’s offices. We were delighted to undertake this project for their London Head Office having “greened up” their Birmingham site.  

Visitors to Head Office are greeted with this vibrant moss wall made with flat, reindeer and bun moss as well as preserved fern leaves to give a range of gorgeous textures and colours to the piece. Complete with company logo this feature wall delivers a strong first impression. An initial design for this stunning moss artwork was drafted for approval before any building took place at our nursery in Oxfordshire. These decorative walls are made from moss which has been harvested sustainably and preserved with natural ingredients that replace the water in the cell structure. They don’t need light or water and are built to last for years. 

A bespoke artificial tree made with multiple real ash stems takes centre stage in the office to create a collaborative break out area. Built by our expert team of tree builders to sit precisely in the centre of the table, employees will certainly feel relaxed sitting beneath the longifolia canopy.  

High-level artificial planting has been arranged with creative flair by our installation team to cascade down from the void above the steel girders. The trailing greenery includes delicate adianthum ferns, silver eucalyptus, hanging maranta, limey string of pearls and the white accents of scindapsus pictus to soften the hard lines of these supporting beams. This carefully selected range of textures and tones have maximum visual impact without taking up valuable floorspace. Such an impracticable location for live planting with limited access to light and water has been transformed with this ultra-realistic foliage into a lush landscape.  

Live planting has also been incorporated into the workspace, beneath the trailing foliage tropical monstera and philodendron selloum sit in sleek black fibreglass planters adding to the verdant and welcoming feel of the office. Cabinet toppers which are easily accessible to maintain, were filled with live aglaonemas and philodendrons helping to break up and further enhance the space.  

 It has been proven that plants promote wellbeing in the workspace reducing stress, boosting concentration and increasing productivity by 15%. Read our blog on biophilic design for all the stats. Mapp have made a sound investment in biophilic design to create happier, healthier and more productive workplaces for their staff.