ODOS Mediterranean Restaurant

Artificial Ceiling Olive Tree Odos HERO

ODOS Mediterranean Bar & Grill approached Bright Green to create a statement olive tree as part of their new look, with an artificial canopy that would extend across the restaurant whilst preserving valuable floor space. Restricted by the lower height of their ceilings and sound proofing discs this was a challenging project for our skilled team of tree builders. Using their extensive expertise, they carefully considered and incorporated these elements into the design of the tree and its canopy.  

10 real wood stems were crafted to dress the pillars in the restaurant with a further thirty branches fixed to the ceiling around the sound proofing discs, which couldn’t bear any weight. Bright Green are unique in having our own adept installation team to ensure that every aspect of our bespoke planting schemes fit perfectly into their new location. The meticulous planning and installation resulted in this sensational olive canopy for diners to relax beneath. 

 This beautiful tree delivers a real wow factor as soon as diners enter the space and an immersive dining experience that will ensure ODOS stand out from the competition. The delicate olive foliage is so incredibly realistic guests will feel as though they have been transported to the Mediterranean. The ambience of the restaurant is now just as impressive as the cuisine and service guests receive.