Turtle Bay – capturing the Caribbean 

Turtle Bay restaurants offer a Caribbean beach bar and street food style dining experience to guests, serving great tasting food from Aruba to Saint Lucia. Bright Green are delighted to have been invited to work in conjunction with Fusion Design & Architecture to create planting schemes for the Ealing, Birmingham, Walthamstow, Coventry and Durham Turtle Bay restaurants. 

The brief was to recreate the spirit and magic of the Caribbean whilst ensuring each restaurant has its own individual style and identity. Following the designers brief, Bright Green manage the bespoke process in house helping to tailor our planting schemes to fit each space. 

With dining space a priority, high level planting maximises the tropical impact without utilising profitable floorspace. At conceptual stage the team at Bright Green arranged foliage bouquets for each restaurant to give a flavour of the plants to be used for each site.  Selecting a pallet of lush trailing foliage such as scindapsus and monstera and pairing with the floral tones of mimosa or gloriosa depth and tone is added to each specific location.  

 These truly spectacular high-level tropical landscapes don’t have the maintenance issues that live planting demands, as there is no need to consider watering, weight, or light.  

Fusion have excelled to create enticing destination restaurants. We are thrilled that our lush planting schemes have contributed to such unique and Instagram worthy venues, that really capture the heart and soul of the Caribbean.