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Not all green walls are equal


Artificial green walls are a popular way to instantly add texture and colour to both indoor and outdoor spaces. These faux plant walls create instant lush environments for offices, hotels, restaurants, spas, bars and even residential projects. We like to shout about the fact that Bright Green were the pioneers of artificial green walls developing the concept in 2011 with replica and preserved plants and we remain the market leaders. 

Our bespoke green walls stand out from the rest because they look so incredibly realistic in comparison to other products on the market. This is due our meticulous bespoke process from design through to build and final installation; every element is carefully managed inhouse to ensure an ultrarealistic green wall.  

What makes our green walls so realistic: 

  • Designated green wall designer 
  • Highest quality foliage 
  • Expertise to select the best combinations of foliage for the brief 
  • Over 30 Years’ experience building green walls 
  •  Handcrafted in the UK 
  • Constructed on high-quality backboard (covered in moss or artificial grass) 
  • Lush foliage coverage to ensure no gaps 
  • Variation of foliage patterns to replicate nature 
  • Assembled on site by our own installation team to ensure a flawless finish 
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    Designated Green Wall Designer

    With a designated green walls designer our clients are fully involved in the design process, working together to select the highest quality foliage to fulfil the brief. From stylish single species walls to lush tropical walls, we can even incorporate flowering elements within a wall design. The location of the wall will also have a fundamental impact on the design; outdoor artificial green walls require UV stabilised foliage to ensure they won’t be damaged by the sun. Working in the commercial sector means we understand the importance of fire safety too and can produce inherently fire-resistant foliated panels with certification as needed.  

    Samples of foliage combinations can also be sent out for approval prior to the green wall going into production. Once the design has been agreed our walls team handcraft each green wall from the raw artificial foliage at our workshop in Oxfordshire. Starting with a high-quality back board they bond reindeer moss for interior walls, or lifelike artificial grass for outdoor walls, onto the board to create an appealing green background. Individual strands of the selected artificial foliage are then attached by hand to the board to give the textures and tapestry of green that has been agreed with each client. There are no gaps in the walls that the Bright Green team build, they are always full and lush in appearance. Each green wall is completely unique with its own variation of foliage patterns throughout the whole design to replicate nature. There is real skill in this construction process which mimics lifelike growth to create an incredibly realistic green wall. 

    Transportation and Installation

    Larger artificial green walls are made in sections for easy transportation and joined together by our own installation team, on site by hand to ensure a flawless finish. Offering a complete end to end service from design to installation makes Bright Green unique. All aspects of your project are safe in our experienced hands. 

     Where budget is limited, we understand that readymade walls might be an attractive proposition. These walls are often made overseas, produced on a green metal mesh backing which gives patchy coverage. The foliage on each panel is exactly the same with no variation producing a flat, unified and repetitive look when joined together. When stood side by side there is no comparison between the bespoke and ready-made products. It is best to treat an artificial green wall like an investment, you do need to spend a little extra money to produce a quality and naturalistic wall. 

     Get in touch with our team today to discuss building your own premium quality, ultra-realistic artificial green wall. 

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