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Our team has a wealth of experience and skills to make your event stand out from the crowd. From large scale landscaping to bespoke planting for your exhibition stand we are experts in in bringing events to the next level. Whether you want a tropical rainforest, a desert beach with preserved palms or simply a selection of free-standing plants in pots our team will select the most suitable artificial or live planting to fulfil your chosen theme and make your event truly unforgettable.  

Managing all aspects of a planting scheme from design to manufacture and final installation makes us utterly unique. Our talented team embrace variety (no two projects are ever the same at Bright Green) and have the wealth of experience to design to your budget and vision. Our bespoke planting will create an impression that lasts long after the event is over.  

With our very own installation team, who are all fully qualified to work at height, and a fleet of vehicles we are well structured to transport and build the landscape that will make your event an exceptional experience and take it away once the event is over. We’re also a flexible bunch and can adapt to the to the ever-changing aspects of your event to ensure your planting landscape exceeds all expectations.  

 With over 30 years’ experience we have worked on a wide variety of events and with a range of partners such as Barber, Co-op and the Chelsea Flower Show to mention just a few. Take a look through our Events gallery below to see the variety of planting that our talented team have created and installed. We value the relationship that we have built with our clients who trust us to create beautiful bespoke planting displays that are guaranteed to impress attendees.  

 Planting can be used in a host of ways to transform your event from so-so to spectacular. Give your attendees something to snap with an instagrammable display that’s branded too. We can offer both short-term and longer hire leases with maintenance included for live displays. Contact our team today to ensure your planting is as unique as your event. If you can imagine it, we can create it for you. 


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