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Bright Green have a wealth of experience creating live and artificial planting landscapes for restaurants, hotels and bars. Our team of experts have the knowledge to design, build and install bespoke planting schemes for the hospitality sector that will attract and visually delight customers with the perfect ambience.   

First impressions count and more consumers than ever are using online review sites and social media for recommendations on where to stay and eat. Creating a space that will stand out from the competition is vital. Using impactful and instagrammable green design will not only entice more customers but encourage them to share their experiences online to showcase your brand to more potential customers.  

 Greening up your restaurant, bar or hotel doesn’t just create a fabulous atmosphere for your guests to enjoy it can reduce noise in the space, improve staff and customer well-being and a result in a higher spend. Read our blog on biophilic design here. Simply put plants improve customer happiness, meaning they are then more likely to have a higher perception of the restaurant, bar or hotel spending more time and money there and revisiting. With artificial planting being so realistic it can be a practical solution for achieving the natural look in the hospitality sector without the light, water and maintenance requirements of real planting.  

Al fresco dining has increased in popularity since the pandemic, strategically placed troughs, artificial hedges and trees can create an instant and attractive outdoor seating space. Screening diners and drinkers from the passing traffic to provide a more private and intimate atmosphere. Investing in the outside of your business will also increase curb appeal and footfall inside.  

Our talented team have the commercial planting expertise to create immersive planting schemes that will enhance your business whilst preserving valuable floorspace. Take a look at our high-level gallery for inspiration. Get in touch to find out how you can incorporate biophilic elements into your design, tapping into the current trend for getting back to nature and making your venue a destination location.  

Hospitality Planting Gallery

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