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Introducing planting into a retail space not only increases the visual appeal, drawing customers in, but can also improve their shopping experience and ultimately boost sales. Bright Green have over 30 years of expertise creating bespoke live and artificial planting for shop interiors and showrooms. Working with many leading UK retailers to create and install planting schemes that reinforce their brand and energise the shopping experience for their customers. 

We can all relate to shopping fatigue and the feeling of sensory overload in a busy retail environment. Being close to natural elements can help customers to feel calmer and sooth the stress they are feeling, making them more likely to stay in a store and spend. Research has proven that customers rate the quality of goods up to 30% higher if there are plants and greenery in the shop and as their perception of quality increases so does the amount they are prepared to spend, increasing by up to 12% for products in shops that have plants in. Read our blog on biophilic design here for more stats. Creating a shopping experience customers enjoy is vital to a store’s long-term success.  

Being close to nature can have this positive effect regardless of whether the plants are living or artificial. Real plants can be expensive to maintain and may not be suitable for all spaces due to light and watering constraints. Fake planting schemes deliver the natural look without the cost and time commitments of live planting landscapes.  

With our extensive knowledge of plants and the latest trends we can recommend the most suitable planting for your space and budget from small accents to complete schemes. We understand that floorspace is premium in shop interior design and have the skills needed to build impactful planting displays that take up minimal space from artificial green walls, ceiling trees to high-level displays each planting scheme is unique and custom made to the space. Our designated installation team are all are fully qualified to work at height meaning we can manage the whole process in-house from design to manufacture and final installation which makes us unique.  

Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can give your retail space a biophilic boost to improve both your customer experience and sales. 

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