Cat Tail Grass, 70cm Tall View larger

Cat Tail Grass


Artificial Grass is available in different styles, heights, and textures, this is Artificial Cat Tail Grass, also known more commonly as Timothy-grass.  Not only does this fake grass have the soft green leaves, but it also has cream green flower heads that are a tight cylindrical shape, just like a cats tail hence the name.

Due to the soft colouring and light and airy nature of this artificial grass, it makes a great option to lighten up dark spaces, or soften sharp shapes if planted below it.

  • Overall height 70cm or 100cm
  • Colour: Green blades of grass, with cream/green flowers
  • 15 Flowers (70cm) or 28 Flowers (100cm)
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Not Fire Retardant
  • Interior Grade
  • Supplied in a non-decorative pot