Begonia Maculata, 33cm tall View larger

Begonia Maculata


Artificial Plants are a great way to add colour and texture to a location without the need for any maintenance.  This can open up a whole new range of style possibilities for the final look.  This includes using low-level artificial plants like this decorative Begonia Maculata.  This artificial plant has a very realistic look to it with the burgundy underside to the leaves, dark green topside with the white/silver fleck detail to each leaf.  This would look fantastic en masse in a large floor or tabletop bowl or even a tall floor standing planter.

  • Overall height 33cm
  • Colour: Dark Green, Burgundy underside, Silver/White flecks
  • 12 Leaves
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Not Fire Retardant
  • Interior Grade
  • Decorative pot supplied separately