Blue Black Ceramic Pot 28x15x23cm H (Oval) View larger

Blue Black Ceramic Pot


Small decorative pots are a fantastic addition to any shelving units in Restaurants, Hotels and Pubs as they are a simple way of adding colour and texture with the inclusion of Live or Artificial Plants.  There are many different styles of small ceramic pots that we can source so we just show a small handful of what is possible.  Each of these small Ceramic pots has been handmade and glazed so they are all unique.

This small pot is an oval shape which makes it a useful pot for those narrow shelves, the style of the pot is very different to most with its multiple coloured glazes.

There are other shapes of pot available in this style of glaze.

  • Size: 28x15x23cm H (oval)
  • Material: Handmade Ceramic
  • Colour: Blue Black Glaze
  • Use a liner with live plants
  • Interior Grade